Creative Water Cooler Electrical Wiring Diagram Room Air Cooler Wiring Diagram # 1 - Electrical Technology

Creative Water Cooler Electrical Wiring Diagram Room Air Cooler Wiring Diagram # 1 - Electrical Technology
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Creative water cooler electrical wiring diagram - It isn't always actual sir. 1 que. Sir. I have 160ah battery. If i load it with 60 watt fan and 30 watt tube light a lot back time it'll deliver?? Genuine plz @ how a great deal time and present day a a hundred and sixty ah battery will take to get absolutely charge? It may take thirteen or 14 amp however the cord i have deploy in charging phase is .75mm so i wonder how it includes a huge present day without getting harm for the reason that three years?????? Plz sir help me.

Earlier than managing the trouble to connect each structures to the identical thermostat (maybe the usage of switches/relays to close down one gadget even as the opposite is on) i want to know if it feasible to control the swamp cooler using the nest thermostat. I do not have too much electrical expertise, however i have been doing some research and that i assume it's far possible if i buy some additional matters.

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The swamp cooler has a 2-pace motor, consequently i would really like the nest thermostat to govern each speeds the use of y1 and y2 terminals. As far as i understand 2 level thermostats will practice energy from the r terminal to the y2 if greater cooling electricity is required at the same time power is applied from r terminal to y1. I also want the water pump to work everytime the thermostat calls for cooling (for both speeds), but i want the water pump to run by myself for a few minutes earlier than the motor is began.

I have discovered that the honeywell rc840t-a hundred and twenty may permit me to apply the 24v nest thermostat with the 110v swamp cooler and using a spdt relay i should connect y1 and y2 to the 2 terminals of the 2-speed motor. Honeywell rc840t-a hundred and twenty turned into created to connect line-voltage controlled warmers to 24v thermostats but i suppose it'll additionally paintings with the swamp cooler. This tool will be the first relay with a view to determine if the pump and motor are going to acquire electricity. This first relay might be linked to a ptd102 put off to be able to delay the power to the spdt relay, this closing realy is the one with the intention to control the strength to the motor based on y2 terminal from nest thermostat. The thermostat will ship strength to y1 simplest for 1st velocity and in case it wishes more cooling power it's going to begin sending power to y1 and y2 at the identical time inflicting the spdt relay to interchange power to excessive through terminal three as the following diagram indicates:.

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