Favorite Car Ac Compressor Wiring Diagram Gma C Compressor Diagram - Wiring Diagram

Favorite Car Ac Compressor Wiring Diagram Gma C Compressor Diagram - Wiring Diagram
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Favorite car ac compressor wiring diagram - Find the compressor seize relay and dispose of it from its socket. Join the negative meter cause battery poor terminal. Probe the relay socket terminals to come across battery power at terminals 2 & 3. In case you don’t see battery voltage on each terminals, test the fuses and wiring to the relay. When you have battery strength on both terminals, connect the high quality result in terminal 3 and the negative result in terminal four. You need to see battery voltage. In case you don’t, the pcm isn’t supplying floor to the relay manipulate coil, flow to step three.

Engine off. Disconnect the electric connector at compressor grab. Set meter at dc volts. Join tremendous result in one terminal in clutch electrical connector (1) , poor lead to battery floor. Start engine with a/c turned to max. Search for battery voltage on meter. If voltage is zero, flow effective lead to the other terminal in electrical connector. If still 0, continue to step 2.

The pcm will not offer floor to the compressor relay if the system is low on refrigerant or the stress in the device is just too high because of a blocked condenser, terrible orifice tube or tmx valve. Discover the low pressure and high pressure switches. With meter still set on dc volts, disconnect the electric connector at the low pressure switch. Join the superb result in one terminal and the poor lead to the alternative terminal. Begin the engine and turn the a/c to max. Search for voltage on one of the two terminals (5). If you see volts, which means the pcm is supplying strength. Do the equal test at the high pressure transfer 5). Of electricity is gift at each switches, behavior a continuity test throughout the transfer contacts step four.

If you see battery voltage on one terminal, depart the lead in that terminal and move the bad lead to the opposite terminal. In case you see battery voltage with each leads connected to the electric connector, that confirms the compressor snatch is getting strength and ground. Which means the snatch coil is bad. A few clutches are replaceable, others aren’t and you ought to update the whole compressor.

If the a/c on your vehicle isn’t running, step one is to look if the compressor runs when the turn on the a/c and the engine. If you discover an ac compressor gained’t run situation, follow these diagnostic steps to discover what’s wrong. You’ll need a virtual multimeter and a wiring diagram or parts locator to discover the excessive and coffee stress switches.

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