Newest Swann Security Camera Wiring Diagram Teardown: Swann Night Hawk Wireless Security Camera | ABieneman'S Blog

Newest Swann Security Camera Wiring Diagram Teardown: Swann Night Hawk Wireless Security Camera | ABieneman'S Blog
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Teardown: Swann Night Hawk Wireless Security Camera | ABieneman's Blog - The 0.33 board is the rf board and is marked vt24a0x4 040315. This board is connected to video sensor board via yellow information cord, purple (torn out on the photograph) and black electricity deliver wires. It is also connected to the channel selection switch on the led board via white and yellow cord and to the microphone board via the white facts twine. Board contains following chips: “bj8p153snj ar03-a 0812” which is a 2.4ghz transmitter (channel choice switches are soldered immediately onto 2 pins on the chip); 17.734475 mhz crystal which i ought to simplest become aware of as buddy associated frequency. At the back there’s “e07sl e1c744 m52” which i discovered is described as “unmarried serial input pll frequency synthesizer on-chip 2.5 ghz prescaler”. My rf know-how could be very limited so i did no longer pursue this board any further:.

The first board which you see while you unscrew the front of the digicam is the led board. There’s an o-ring (not seen on the photo) between the front and the again of the digital camera which presents safety towards elements and it more or less does it job – inside of the camera case appearance easy and water loose. Main elements on the led board are the 12 infrared leds linked in series of 3; mild touchy resistor which turns leds on in low light situations; and a pair of function dip switch marked “on khs22” which selects the transmission channel (1 via 4) . The back facet has a three pin tool marked y2, a 5 pin chip marked 3272 – possibly an op-am, and a variable resistor to modify sensitivity. Board is marked with aee, v812ic10:.

The second one board is the image sensor and 8v to 5v conversion board. It's far marked with v801cv28. First rate components include photo sensor – no markings on top but primarily based from swann’s specifications is a 1/3″ colour cmos, 510 x 492, 380 traces sensor in a 48-clcc package rated for five volts. Sensor is covered by the focusing cowl which lets in adjusting sensor to lens distance via rotation of the lens holder. On the again of the board there’s a 14.318 mhz (ntsc sampling frequency) crystal. Voltage conversion is executed through 75l05 5v voltage regulator and a ten uf, 5v capacitor. Inside the whole camera simplest leds are the usage of furnished 8v from the strength deliver, rest of the additives use 5v deliver:.

I've currently obtained several damaged swann night time hawk sw231-woc wireless protection cameras and figured i would document the tear down technique and something interesting i might discover. My aim on this project become to fulfill my curiosity, attempt my hands at solving them and perhaps even analyze some thing within the technique.

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