Newest Test Lamp Wiring Diagram Figure 5 - Test Lamp Wiring Diagram

Newest Test Lamp Wiring Diagram Figure 5 - Test Lamp Wiring Diagram
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Figure 5 - Test Lamp Wiring Diagram - The use of my energy probe iii, we can test fuse 26. The test concludes the fuse to be right. Subsequent step, again probe the gry/pink twine at the brake switch. There should be b on this cord at all times. The power probe suggests an open circuit. There is neither electricity nor ground on this wire. At the same time as urgent the brake pedal, the tool is now showing zero volts with continuity to ground. This proves the switch is running and imparting a entire circuit to floor via the bulbs. Now we could use the power probe ill to supply energy to the circuit and feature someone confirm if the lights are now illuminated. Affirmation of the lighting proves the hassle is somewhere between the fuse and the brake switch.

This vehicle was scheduled with a consumer challenge that the brake lights did not illuminate. He had already tested the brake fuse and all of the bulbs. Moreover he changed the switch, but the lighting fixtures nevertheless don’t paintings. A person advised him the lighting had been laptop controlled so he decided to convey it in to the shop for a analysis and probable computer restore.

I used to be able to without difficulty verify that the lighting did now not paintings when the switch changed into pressed. Next, i retrieved the wiring schematic for the brake mild gadget which discovered that the power originates with fuse 26 in the incorporated strength module and goes at once to the brake lamp transfer. The strength exits the transfer and goes immediately to the lamps. The brake lamp switch is used as an input to the the front manipulate module.

There were more than one variations of the strength probe. The original model has a led that glows red to signify strength or green to indicate ground. It has a transfer that permits the consumer to deliver power or ground to the circuit. The strength probe ii has the identical features with the addition of an audible high pitched tone while power is indicated and occasional pitched tone whilst ground is indicated. It has 2 white led’s at the cease to light up the work vicinity. Power probe unwell has the identical functions as the other devices however also has a voltmeter brought. This model makes it convenient for the tech to test a circuit and components by way of measuring or applying voltage and/or floor.

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